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My name is Charles Ott and I am a self-taught architectural illustrator and digital artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Welcome to my fine art portfolio gallery of immaculate hand-drawn black & white pen and ink drawings and colorfully detailed paintings. My fine art illustrations and paintings focuses mainly on the history, landmarks, college old mains, steel mills, people and sports of the Steel City.

The fine art I have created can be viewed in the two separate sections featured above for the pen & ink and digital art painting galleries and in the ordering information section. In order to view the fine art, drag the cursor over the gallery you are interested in which will list all the categories available in each gallery. You also have the option of viewing all of the fine art categories neatly listed in alphabetical order along the bottom right-side of this page and each of the pages on my fine art website. The pen & ink architectural illustrations and paintings featured in each category can be enlarged by clicking on the image so that you can see firsthand the meticulous precision and attention to detail in the original artwork. For simplified instructions on how to order my fine art pen & ink illustration and digital art giclee prints and to view the available mat selections for your prints go to the 'Ordering Information' section listed above.    

'Free Shipping' is included on all of my fine art giclee prints, giclee canvas mounts and giclee canvas wraps via first class priority mail through the United States Postal Service.

My unique talent specializes in creating intricately detailed illustrations and paintings which have been the foundation of my professional illustration career since I began teaching myself to draw at a young age. I have received numerous awards and praise for my fine art and it is the passion for doing what I love that continues to be a constant driving force. My work is proudly displayed in art galleries, businesses and thousands of homes across the country, including the White House.

The pen & ink illustrations and paintings featured in the galleries above makes unique and collectible home decor gift ideas for Christmas, college graduations, birthdays and other celebrated family occasions or anyone looking for exceptional fine art for their home. When you purchase directly from Steel City Artist you can know that you will be receiving fine art that is affordable, presentable and top of the line from one of America’s premier illustrators and that you will be proud to display in your home for many years. The fine art would perfectly complement your living room, sports game room or corporate office boardroom. I welcome the opportunity to service your requests for personal commissions, charitable fine art donations and any licensing of my artwork.

Since I launched my fine art website it has grown to include many other great products for my customers to choose from aside from the fine art giclee prints. These various product designs can be found listed in the Ordering Information section above or you can easily click on the following individual highlighted links. Some of these products which feature my collectible designs include aluminum metal prints, Christmas greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, Pittsburgh note cards, Pittsburgh sports autographs and Pittsburgh wedding gifts.

Christmas Ornaments For WTAE Project Bundle-Up

Throughout the upcoming Christmas holiday season, I will be partnering with the Salvation Army and WTAE for Project Bundle-Up. Project Bundle-Up serves needy children and seniors by helping them to purchase new winter outerwear to stay warm during the cold western Pennsylvania winters. I will be making a $1.00 donation to Project Bundle-Up through the sale of each of my new Christmas ornaments through December. Special thanks to Mrs. Melissa Fereday who is the director of Project Bundle-Up and supported my charitable artistic efforts. Featured below is a link to my Steel City Artist gift shop where you can peruse and make your purchase for my collection of over 250 unique Christmas ornaments available.

Personally, I have not seen many Christmas trees at the homes of family and friends with Pittsburgh-themed ornaments aside from a couple of Steelers ornaments. Now you will have that opportunity to bring the places which have sentimental meaning to you and your family from your hometown which you can treasure for many Christmas seasons to follow. There are many other themes for the Christmas ornaments which include landscapes, lighthouses, military, nautical, patriotic, religious, spiritual themes and ornaments with inspirational quotes. The Christmas ornaments would make for a perfect gift to go along with the purchase of any of the fine art prints for family, friends and co-workers. If anyone would be interested in making a personal donation towards Project Bundle-Up throughout the holiday, I will list their organization's website too. Feel free to share with family and friends and best wishes throughout the holiday season!

Project Bundle-Up

Steel City Artist Christmas Ornaments

I thank you for viewing my fine art and welcome you to bookmark my website as new illustrations and paintings continue to be created. Feel free to join my Steel City Artist Illustrations Facebook fan page featured on my website.


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